Rise Projects – Sundre, Alberta

Rise Projects is located in Sundre, Alberta. We are a group of companies serving Alberta and Mountainview County. Our mission is to provide valuable, affordable services to help improve our community and protect the environment. We will help collect, recycle, re-use, and re-purpose metal, scraps, parts, and other goods from businesses and residents in our area. We pledge to provide efficient, friendly, and reliable service to help our community grow and prosper!

Our Metal & Auto Recycling Depot is currently underway, with plans to bring in Bins and Bin Trucks to collect metals, scraps, and autos for our Recycling Depot. The Bins and Bin Trucks will also be a service provided to commercial and residential clients for storage and/or removal of unwanted items. Once these initial branches of Rise Projects are in full operation, we plan to create a Parts Warehouse to sell salvaged parts from the Recycling Depot as well as opening an Auction House to liquidate the reusable goods collected. Stay tuned for these exciting plans!

Recycling Depot

Our recycling depot is currently accepting new, used, damaged, and/or unwanted goods! Our doors are not yet open to the public, but you can arrange free pickup for all kinds of items. Click below to learn more about our recycling services and items we accept.

Online Auctions

We are working hard to get our facility up and running. In the meantime, we have started selling some of the items we have collected. We are constantly posting unique, vintage, and practical reclaimed goods – you won’t want to miss out!