Metal and Auto Recycling Depot

Recycling Depot – Clean-Up & Removal Services

We recycle, re-use, re-sell, or re-purpose 95% of materials we collect!

As we profit, we will be putting 40%-60% into an account to build the Rise Projects Ranch – a place to help animals and people alike.

Property Clean up

Call us for a property clean-up! We can come to your commercial or residential property, remove all goods and do a large clean up to help prepare for renting or selling. Donation of useable goods will go towards payment for clean up, garbage removal, and landscaping services as needed. Goods will be recycled or resold as we see fit. Property clean up service available throughout Alberta – contact us for more details.

Goods Removal

Perfect for items left after garage sales, estate sales, and abandoned renters – we offer free removal services for many different types of items – large or small, new or used, broken or functional. See examples of items we accept. Drop off at our shop coming soon! Contact us to arrange pickup.